Colonna Sonora del Film “La Principessa e il Ranocchio”

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Ecco tutti i titoli delle canzoni che fanno parte della colonna sonora del film “La Principessa e il Ranocchio “:

1. Never Knew I Needed – Ne-Yo
2. Down In New Orleans (Prologue) – Anika Noni Rose
3. Down In New Orleans – Dr. John
4. Almost There – Anika Noni Rose
5. Friends On The Other Side – Keith David
6. When We’re Human (Feat. Terence Blanchard) – Anika Noni Rose
7. Gonna Take You There (Feat. Terrance Simien On Accordion) – Jim Cummings
8. Ma Belle Evangeline (Feat. Terence Blanchard On Trumpet) – Jim Cummings

9. Dig A Little Deeper – Jenifer Lewis featuring the Pinnacle Gospel Choir
10. Down In New Orleans (Finale) – Anika Noni Rose
11. Fairy Tale/Going Home – Randy Newman
12. I Know This Story – Randy Newman
13. The Frog Hunters/Gator Down – Randy Newman
14. Tiana’s Bad Dream – Randy Newman
15. Ray Laid Low – Randy Newman
16. Ray/Mama Odie – Randy Newman
17. This Is Gonna Be Good – Randy Newman

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