Colonna Sonora del Film “Fantastic Mr. Fox”

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Ecco tutti i titoli delle canzoni che fanno parte della colonna sonora del film “Fantastic Mr. Fox”, la volpe anarchica di Wes Anderson.

1. American Empirical Pictures – Alexandre Desplat
2. The Ballad Of Davy Crockett – The Wellingtons
3. Mr. Fox In The Fields – Alexandre Desplat
4. Heroes And Villains – The Beach Boys
5. Fooba Wooba John – Burl Ives
6. Boggis, Bunce And Bean – Alexandre Desplat
7. Jimmy Squirrel And Co. – Alexandre Desplat
8. Love – Nancy Adams
9. Buckeye Jim – Burl Ives
10. High-Speed French Train – Alexandre Desplat

11. Whack-Bat Majorette – Alexandre Desplat
12. The Grey Goose – Burl Ives
13. Bean’s Secret Cider Cellar – Alexandre Desplat
14. Une Petite Ile – Georges Delerue
15. Street Fighting Man – The Rolling Stones
16. Fantastic Mr. Fox AKA Petey’s Song – Jarvis Cocker
17. Night And Day – Art Tatum
18. Kristofferson’s Theme – Alexandre Desplat
19. Just Another Dead Rat In A Garbage Pail (Behind A Chinese Restaurant) – Alexandre Desplat
20. Le Grand Choral – Georges Delerue
21. Great Harrowsford Square – Alexandre Desplat
22. Stunt Expo 2004 – Alexandre Desplat
23. Canis Lupus – Alexandre Desplat
24. Ol’ Man River – The Beach Boys
25. Let Her Dance – The Bobby Fuller Four

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