Colonna Sonora del Film “Ragazzi miei”

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Ecco tutti i titoli delle canzoni che fanno parte della colonna sonora del film “Ragazzi miei”, la difficoltà di essere genitore.

1. The Boys Are Back – Hal Lindes
2. Fljotavik – Sigur Ros
3. Water Fight – Hal Lindes
4. All the Wild Horses – Ray LaMontagne
5. Joe & Laura – Hal Lindes
6. Katy’s Garden – Hal Lindes
7. This Wasted Life – Mayfield
8. Joe’s Office – Hal Lindes
9. Family Photos – Hal Lindes
10. Harry & Artie Home Alone – Hal Lindes

11. The Fix – Elbow
12. Journey to England – Hal Lindes
13. Love Me, Chase Me – Carney
14. Don’t Abandon Us Now – Hal Lindes
15. Paddington Farewell – Hal Lindes
16. You Belong to Me – Carla Bruni
17. The Boys Are Back (Reprise) – Hal Lindes
18. Ara Batur – Sigur Ros
19. Don’t Abandon Us Now (Revisited) – Hal Lindes

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